Topics: Discrimination, Culture, Sexism Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Discrimination is the unjust treatment of people or things, especially on the grounds of race age and gender. Everyone is discriminated in somehow on a daily basis it is something that everyone faces. As a colored skin person have come across this many times, I walk into a shop and everyone looks at me like I am going to steal something, I ask someone for directions and they just walk by me like I was invisible. This had been ongoing issues for decades and it still is, but it takes a person with a good heart to look beyond the color of the skin. Discrimination of age is most likely to happen in employment, for example in a fashion industry they would likely hire a person of younger age rather than experience as it would be the opposite in the business industry. Discrimination of gender sometimes depends on how a person bonds with others, they would be fond of you if they are closer to your gender or attracted to you. These types of discrimination can affect the way a person thinks of themselves, it would somehow make a person feel less worthy then others and sometimes cause anger and would lead to an argument, which usually ends up in a fight or to court. A lot of shootings that has taken place is because of discrimination. If this continues with this generation it is most likely to be passed on to the next, which is something that should be prevented. These types of discriminations could be avoided by looking at what a person brings to the table rather than what race they are, how old or what gender. Company should have quotas on these while hiring, doing this would be very easy and would not cause a big commotion after hiring. And as for a community, clubs should be opened and have fairs that allows everyone in the community to get together and get to know each other. And it would be useful if all communities have a mixer every now on then so that one misses out on the opportunity of getting to know other cultures and beliefs. Schools should...
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