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Discrimination Worksheet

Write a 100- to 200-word response to each of the following questions. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

• What is discrimination? How is discrimination different from prejudice and stereotyping? Discrimination is the denial of oppratunities or equal rights because of prejudice. Discrimination is different because you are acting on prejudice. With discrimination you are not giving someone the same equal oppratunities to get a job or rent a place. You dismiss that person before you even give them a chance, and that happens because of prejudice and stereotyping. Although it comes about because of prejudice and stereotyping, discrimination is very different. I think Discrimination is actually a lot worse the being prejudice or stereotyping someone because you are takeing away a persons rights when you discriminate against them. You are saying that since they are of a different race that you don’t want them working for you even if they are more qualified for the job then the person that you did hire.

• What are the causes of discrimination?
Prejudice and stereotyping have a lot to bringing on discrimination. Discrimination happens because people put other people into certain groups or give them certain images, which is Stereotyping. Then they start being prejudice against those same groups of people just because they had a bad encounter with one or two people of a certain group. Once that happens people don’t want anyone from that group to be around them or work for them. So when someone puts in a application to work some where or even rent some where there application is either just thrown out and ignored or if it does get looked at, then they are charged more for rent or even payed less for there job.

• How is discrimination faced by one identity group (race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability) the same as...
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