Discretion: Respect and Life

Topics: Respect, Communication, Graphic communication Pages: 7 (2855 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The Importance of …
Why is being discreet, communicating, and respectful important? These three things help make life a lot easier. Having these three things will make you a well-rounded person. Discretion is a state of being tactful and inconspicuous. Communication skills are a trait that everyone should posses. These things will make people take you seriously. When you have these theses things you should show it everyday and night. It should radiate off of you like the sun. You should light up people faces when they see you coming their way. Being respectful is something that you should learn at a young age. So having all three traits causes you to have good characteristics trait. Just being discreet, makes you a modest person. Discretion is key to everyday life. You need to be discreet about many things. What is discretion? Discretion is keeping things a secret a secret. It is also being tactful, inconspicuous, and unobtrusive. You are going to be looked at as trustworthy and loyal. People will think of you as someone that they can talk to about tings that are really sensitive to you. This means that everything you do you do it, and keep a low profile. You don’t tell everyone your business, you are a modest person, and you are the quiet but silent force that works behind the scene. Discretion is important because when you tell people things you put yourself in a vulnerable situation. You are open to judgment and you risk knowing your business. Discretion should be apart of your life. It should be apart of your characteristic.

Communication skills are a trait that you should posses. Communication is something that keeps in touch with people you love and know. Communication is good to have, because if you are in a group then you have to be able to talk to everyone in your group. Communicating with a group means that if someone in the group is missing or not in a good mood everyone in that group should know. Communicating brings people closer, and it teaches how to be friendly. You also learn how to be a people person. Good communication skills are something that you need through out life. You have to communicate throughout life in different settings. You have to be able to communicate during interviews, school, and work. You have to be able to talk about things that are not comfortable for you to talk about. So communication is something that is needed.

Respect is not just something that should be practiced, but it should be who you are. You should treat yourself with respect. You should treat others with respect. They tell you this everyday in school. Show some respect. Your parents teach you this at a young age. You should people the same amount of courtesy that you want shown to you. Respect is not just something that you do it should be a natural act. Respect is a characteristic. If you want to be treated with respect you have to show respect. You have to show people you care even when you are feeling bad. You have to treat people like you wan to be treated. You have to respect yourself, because if people see dressed like a bum they are going to treat you like a bum. You should remember the type of impression you want to leave. If you want to be respected then dress respectful, act respectful, and be respectful.

So being discrete is something you need as well being a good communicator, and being very respectful. You should remember that these things should be apart of your everyday life. It should be who you are not what you want to be. These things should be habit; they should be apart of your characteristic. You should be discrete, you should keep your business and personal information to yourself at all times. You should be able to communicate with everyone, even that person you don’t like. You should show respect because you want to be respected. If you are all these things people will take you seriously. They will think that you are a serious person, and they will want to work with you. People will...
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