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  • Published : July 26, 2012
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June 11, 2012

What I want for m my education is the ability to obtain and retain the knowledge I need to be successful in any path I decide to take in my life. I hope to use my degree to help and serve others. When I complete my education I am confident that I will be successful, not only for myself but also in the eyes of my children. I also want my peers and colleagues to have the confidence in the training I receive to be a dependable, well respected leader. My purpose for being in school is to gain the skills I need to own and operate my own spa and wellness center. I believe everyone should be able to enjoy and experience a sense of wellbeing no matter what kind of budget they are on. My spa will aim its focus towards people who are on a budget and cannot otherwise afford the luxuries of spa treatments and a place to stay fit. I am absolutely confident that by me attending school I will gain the knowledge of every aspect needed to be successful in my dream. Discovery Wheel

Self Discovery- 33
Career Planning-38
Memory- 27

Discovery/Intention Statement

This wheel is an accurate picture of my ability as a student because it does emphasize on what I believe to be my greatest attributes to my everyday life. I believe that my health and well being plays a critical part in what I believe it take for me to be successful in my career planning and as well as my money and especially my work ethic. My self evaluation doest at all surprise me, I believe this is very accurate as to how I live my live every day. Two areas in which I am strongest in are;

Career Planning-38
This is completely true as I know what my mind and my heart is set on. In the areas in which I want to improve on are Test taking and managing my time. Being that I already suffer from...
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