Discovery of Dna

Topics: DNA, Science, James D. Watson Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Discovery of dns

Discovery of DNA

By: Leslie A. Pray, Ph.D. © 2008 Nature Education 
Citation: Pray, L. (2008) Discovery of DNA structure and function: Watson and Crick. Nature Education 1(1) In the attached article, Leslie Pray discusses how the discovery of DNA came about and what it took to develop and finally formulate the different forms of what we now call DNA. DNA wasn’t just discovered by 1 or 2 scientists but rather a group of scientist over many different years. She starts off by telling us how Swiss physiological chemist Friedrich Miescher discovered the early parts of DNA and how Russian biochemist Phoebus Levene began laying the groundwork. From there the article goes on to show how other scientists went onto strengthen their formula until scientists James Watson and Francis Crick came along and formulated their own accurate description of this molecule's complex, double helical structure. This article relates to the course material studied during the week because it shows how while trying to discover and develop a theory for this formula, each of the scientist had to form hypothesis and them put them to the test. It also shows the ongoing process of science and the making of something when put through the branches of science. The article goes through different time period, which really gets to show how each scientist had their own way of thinking. You really get to see how this different scientist used their knowledge to create something that would eventually change the world of science. I think this article is important because DNA was a major discovery in the history of science. DNA is a huge part our everyday life. Everyone has it. It is found in all humans and organisms. This article shows how it was started and through the process testing, knowledge and different ideas and teamwork of many scientists, how it was formed. Edited on Saturday March...
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