Discovery Communications, Inc. (Dci): Case Two

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MGT 608: Week 4-Assignment #3

Discovery Communications, Inc. (DCI): Case Two

Discussion Answers:

1. Discovery Communications, Inc. (DCI) turned to IBM Business Partner Carefree Technologies (Carefree) for a document management solution that would centralize and streamline the process of document creation, filing, management and retrieval. Carefree, in turn, recommended IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager to alleviate Discovery’s document management headaches. Lotus Domino Document Manager is the most flexible document management product on the market because of its open application programming interface [API], and because it was designed for the Internet.

To make it more efficient to provide employees with the data and applications

they needed to function in the worldwide Discovery workplace, the company’s

Technology and Media Services Group began evaluating portal solutions that

would aggregate and personalize information, and make it accessible from a

single Web site. No stranger to IBM, DCI had implemented IBM WebSphere

Commerce to power its highly successful Web store at

The company evaluated IBM’s portal offering, IBM WebSphere Portal, and

compared it with the portal product of another leading vendor.

The winning contender was IBM WebSphere Portal Extend, primarily because

of its superior architecture. WebSphere Portal was exceptionally flexible in terms of the developer’s freedom to integrate other applications into it and build upon it. In addition, IBM has demonstrated the vision and the long term commitment to portal development using both the Lotus and WebSphere product sets. This reassured DCI that the product would be available for the long term and allowed DCI to take advantage of DCI’s in-house IT skill sets.

The purpose of DCI’s corporate portal is to act as the central gateway to news, information and tools. Employees right away, began to notice the difference in their efficiency and productivity. The WebSphere Portal and Lotus Domino Document Manager solutions proved to be a consolidating force within DCI’s organization, helping employees to make better decisions, faster. Lotus Domino Document Manager turned out to be a perfect solution for DCI’s document storage challenges. It was extremely flexible to configure to DCI’s existing workflow, integrated well with their other systems, and now makes critical documents available globally to each user on their desktops. This solution has made a significant contribution to increasing DCI’s productivity.

Currently the portal helps employees track and manage the television production

process by providing a portfolio of customized portlets Java technology based

components that process transactions and generate dynamic content. Through

integration with Lotus Domino Document Manager, the portal allows employees to easily find the documents they need.

In addition, employees can utilize a portlet containing useful links to external Web sites and a news service from LexisNexis to keep abreast of the latest trends in the television industry. The portal provides the most up to date production agreement documents that employees can rely on. This is why WebSphere Portal facilitates integration with a tremendous range of legacy applications because it is based on open standards such as XML and Web services.

Critical Thinking Answers:

Knowledge is power, and many businesses are realizing that leveraging internal company knowledge is one way to gain an edge over the competition. As a result, the implementation of knowledge management (KM) systems is growing in popularity. Knowledge inherent to business processes, often called corporate knowledge, is any information essential to the daily functions of an organization. Corporate knowledge can be found in company databases,...
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