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  • Published : March 17, 2012
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Narrative structure plays an important role in engaging the audience in a film, while at the same time promoting particular ways of thinking about the world. In “Cinema Paradiso”, an Italian movie directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, narrative structure is extremely important in conveying that the change of the world effects community and may lead to sacrifices. Narrative structure also applies to the poem “What has Happened to Lulu?” by Charles Causley to demonstrate the story line behind the short and factual words.

One of the first ways the director of “Cinema Paradiso” Giuseppe Tornatore attempts to use narrative structure to engage the audience is by clearly portraying the most important setting of the story, which is the Cinema. Torantore uses the setting to make us realize that the world has changed. Near the beginning of the movie where the cinema takes place we see footage of people watching the film. The long shot of the people in the cinema watching the film forced us audiences to observe the people in that scene rather than us watching the film. The camera pans across the cinema to show people greeting each other warmly, which illustrates a close community. The smile facial expression on the people was zoomed in while they are shaking hands and greeting each other, which shows that the cinema is a place where a lot of people gather to meet and spend time with each other. This build up a notion that the cinema is place where people escape from reality to find happiness and community.

Contrasting with this setting of joyful and cheerful life, is the setting outside of the cinema, which specifically is Toto’s home life that is filled with the mood of sad and empty life as we see that the father figure does not exist. We see a mid shot of only the character Toto and his mom sitting down on the table with Toto’s younger sister sleeping in the background. While Toto was playing by himself with cut out films to make up stories, his mother is working hard...
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