Discovering Trip to the Mountains.

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Friday was our day off, so we, together with my husband, decided to spend it outside, somewhere in mountains.
We didn’t have special route, we were just driving. It was a sunny, warm day. Everything seemed to me more beautiful that day than ever. Passing by, we noticed some sign of point of interest, but didn’t pay attention at first. But when we saw about seven cars parked along the road, we decided to stop by and check what made all these people stop here. We parked our car and walked along the narrow path leading through the wood to the attractive place.

Before we saw the place, which attracted so many people here, we have heard the sound, which made us guess what it was. It was a waterfall. A powerful waterfall. At first, I found this power frightful. Approaching to the falling water we felt spray on our faces. So illuminating, so energizing that I relaxed and let my fear go away.

I made a deep breath. My lungs were filled with the clean and pure air, full of humidity and wonderful forest scent. The smell of trees made me remember my childhood when I used to walk in a forest for hours with my parents enjoying every minute.

Now I could even feel the power of waterfall. I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of falling water. At first I could hear just this sound. A moment later I realized that I could hear a dog’s barking, bird’s singing, people’s talking about the significant beauty of this place.

The water fell down turning into a rapid raging river. I sat on one of the stones lying on the bank and dip my feet into cold flowing water. Although at first minute the water seemed to be unbearably cold, after a while my feet got used to it and now I felt the water was so relaxing. I forgot about everything. I was delving deeply into myself enjoying being here.

We spent there about two hours just walking around and watching charming water performance. It was so impressive that almost all our way home we were talking about how beautiful, strong...
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