Discovering Myself

Topics: Family, Personal life, Philosophy of life Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: May 1, 2013
A marriage is believed to bring happiness as well as change in two person’s lives who are sharing their life together. I too believe it is true, my sister marriage had definitely brought a huge change in her daily life style but it had a huge impact on mine also. I always had been dependent, shy and irresponsible person my entire childhood. However, I learned to become independent, more responsible and extrovert person after my sister wedding. Despite living a carefree life, my life took a different turn due to my sister’s absence after her wedding. On one hand I was one pampered, dependent youngest member of my family and on the other hand I was independent and responsible member of my family. Being youngest daughter has always been fun for me. Not only I was pampered by my parents but I would get equal attention by my sister also. Since I remember my sister was the one with whom I would go to school; she will be the first one to know if I was in any trouble at school or at home. I would never start my homework or prepare for my exam if my parents or my sister won’t be there to help me. Growing up, my habit of depending on my sister or family did not change. While most of my friends would enjoy their shopping, I would always seek for my sister company or opinion even if I had to buy a T-shirt. It was more fun for me when my sister got her first job and I got privilege to relay on her. I would simply ask my sister for anything from pair of jeans to watches and she will always get it for me.

I was a kind of person who was not only incapable of choosing her own clothes but I was irresolute youngster who was incapable of choosing her college too. Without my family support and my sister help I would have never been able to decide which college was best for me to continue my studies. My sister was the one who helped me pick the college and apply for enrollment process. Like always she was the one who made decision for me and for my future...
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