Discovering Guinea Pigs

Topics: Model organism, Psychology, Rodent Pages: 9 (2088 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Project Title: discovering guinea pigs

Cavia porcellus

Proposed to: Ms. Maureen Jean Lara, MAIC
Prepared by: Innah Janesa C. de Peralta
Geraldine T. Gekin
Bea Salvosa
Ivy Dy Ruiz
(BS Psychology 2B)

Date of Proposal: January 09, 2012
I. Project Description and General Information

Since the world of Science has evolved, the experiments of scientists and other researchers also improve and get more complicated and may sometimes sound ridiculous. In modern Psychology, specifically in studying certain behaviors, animals have become subjects of some experiments. Now, why do we use Guinea pigs or other animals like rabbits, rats, monkeys and others to conduct trainings or experiments? Well, majority of the scientists all over the world have been used to directing and conducting animal studies which have become very rampant nowadays and which serve as a field to focus on animal behavior in a variety of cross-disciplinary ways. Animals have often been used as subjects primarily because it is less expensive and it is more distant to unethical situations just like conducting physiological manipulations (to human beings) particularly brain lesions, sensory deprivations and more. Animals, especially those reared in laboratories can be easily controlled and observed which give way to the formation of more desirable data that can possibly be likened to those of the human beings.

II. Project Statement

This project will focus more about dealing with guinea pigs and getting know what it can do as well as training it to form its “cognitive map” or discovering its way out of the maze. It is expected that the trainers/students will be able to discover and grasp the behavior of the animal in order for them to get along with it easily and to successfully condition it to what it should do.

III. Project Objectives

Every experiment or proposal has its expected outcome(s). It is important that the expectations of the group will not selfishly depend on “what they just have to get or achieve.” Whatever the results are, it is significant that the learning and acquisitions from the experiment will be then applied in everyday situations. The following are the intentions, aims and goals of the students/trainers behind this project: • To get to know more about the animal (Guinea pig) as well as its likes, dislikes and whatever that grabs its attention • To train the animal with proper care and patience and help build its cognitive map to help it get out of the maze • To build a healthy relationship between the animal and the trainers • To give the animal proper attention and exercise its intelligence • To provide the animal’s physiological and biological needs • To be able to grasp and comprehend how the Guinea pig behaves and how it can be compared to other animals and even to human beings • To finally apply and practice the gained knowledge about the theories of learning • To discover more about the importance of animal studies in Cognitive Neuroscience • For the students/trainers: To pass 50% of the exam and 10% of the final grade

What are the benefits of this project?
• The Guinea pig will have been able to exercise its learning. • The students will be able to value cooperation, patience, perseverance, tenderness and determination toward the animal and toward each other in order to have a harmonious relationship. • The animal care level of the students will increase tremendously especially when they have been able to realize how an animal should be treated and be taken cared of. • Animal research and experiments will be widened and will be enhanced more when applied properly to everyday situations. • Queries about some behavior will easily be observed easily by just the use of animals if one has already mastered how the experiments would run and what desirable...
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