Discover the Diamond Within You

Topics: Human, Energy, Thought Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: August 31, 2010
A. Name of Book: Discover the Diamond in You
B. Author: Arindam Chaudhari
C. Background of Author:
Professor Arindam Chaudhuri is an economist & management guru and also is an eminent author, an authoritative speaker & a transformational leader. He has been conferred upon with ‘Management Guru 2000’ award, ‘Personality of the Decade’ award, ‘Example to Youth’ award & many more…. He is also the Dean of IIPM

D. Summary of Each chapter:
Chapter 1: The 9P success Trilliant

Thus if a diamond is metaphor for a human beings, then let’s consider the four qualities which make a diamond so sought after. 1. Carat symbolizes depth that we possess. This is represented by passion and positive energy. 2. Cut: The second quality that makes for a great diamond is its cut. The cut requires lot of hard work. Thus human beings, the cut is about the next two Ps of the discovery process: Performance and Perseverance. 3. Color: The third quality that makes a diamond visibly great is its color. The more it refracts the light, the higher it is priced. Human being’s color is represented by Personality and People skills. The better is his color, and the more he goes up in life. 4. Clarity: Finally the fourth quality that makes a diamond great is its clarity. In human beings, Perspective, Principles and patriotism are clarity parameters. Without clarity, a diamond may seemingly dazzle, but under a lens, the dark spot becomes visible. So clarity manifests the perspective about where and why the person is going, correct principles in life and a tremendous sense of patriotism – is what makes human diamond really dazzle.

Chapter 2: How many CARATS is the diamond within you?
This book says things in simple ways that any one who reads it can relate and implement. That is the strength of this book You have to do what you believe in and you have to be passionate about what you are doing! Anything worth doing is...
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