Discourse Community

Topics: Kick, Martial arts, Sparring Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Discourse Communities
“Wait for-----------it”

Growing up I have been part of many different communities. I have enjoyed several different activities such as basketball, football, soccer and the one that I am a true expert at is Taekwondo. I started doing Taekwondo in the 6th grade. Moving from a foreign country, made me really appreciate the sport because it had help me settle in into American culture rather quickly. Being part of the team made me feel Important and unique because in the United States Taekwondo is big but not as big as some of the other sport that I stated earlier. Learning the coded language provides you with the necessary skills to become a true Taekwondo fighter.

In life people take part in many different activities; during these activities you experience a variety of things. While experiencing you become part of their discourse community. In my ventures I have had many different hobbies. Taekwondo was one of the sports that I have participated in. In the art of Taekwondo there is a lot that goes on such as, competitions: forms, style, sparring, and even the language. I began to learn these special traits when I started Taekwondo three years ago. When you enter a Taekwondo “dojo”, that means school, the first thing you do is “bow”. Bowing is a sign of respect, and that is exactly what they are all about. When I first started Taekwondo it felt like I was a human being that landed on a planet of aliens. It is obligated that you have knowledge of the art if you are planning to make it on top or even fit in the discourse community. Knowing the specific terms, techniques and the, language, requires hours of practice and hanging around other experts. Of course starting out you weren’t expected to know anything, so they have trainers to get you adjusted. The first thing I learned was “yes sir”; anything that was asked had to be responded with a “yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, or no ma’am”. If those exact words didn’t come out your mouth push-ups...
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