Discourse Communities

Topics: High school, Sociology, Family Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Derek Saman-Neft
English 191.26
Rough Draft Discourse Comm.

Social discourses
As the years pass I seem to become a part of more and more communities. Due to every job that I have had and all the new friends I make along to way. Through out high school I became apart of many different social discourses. Between the sports, friendships, jobs, and activities I became a part of, it almost seemed like everywhere I went I was talking in a different language. It's strange when you actually come to think about it, there are several different non-verbal and verbal cues among each community. First off, sarcasm is heavily used around all of my close friends. It seems that we are always making fun of each other in a joking sense. So much that outsiders on the situation think we are not friends at all. For example , a close friend and I would joke around about disliking each other, leaving sarcastic “hate” comments on each others Facebook wall, which would sometimes turn out to become huge fake arguments. Since my mom did not catch the sarcasm in the conversation that was posted. She became somewhat offended in how I was talking. So, later that day she confronted me on the conversation , asking me “what was that all about”? Since she didn’t understand the nature of the context she was somewhat clueless of what actually was going on. Even after I had explained myself, she still was not enthused about what our conversation conveyed. This became a huge communication barrier between my mom and I for quite some time. What was a social norm for me between my friends was something oblivious to her. Secondly, sports have become a very large part of my lifestyle, not only has all of my jobs so far revolved around sports, I have been an athlete since the fourth grade. Ranging from football, track, tennis, baseball, and gymnastics. Football was by far the sport I had the most passion for. Coming from a decently small school, our team grew up with each other and became...
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