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Topics: Balance sheet, Asset, Financial statements Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Ford Motor Company
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Let’s take a look on the finical statement of Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor was one of the only automobile companies that is making a profit and did not have to take any money from the government to stay afloat from demise. Looking at the financial statements we will evaluate Ford Motor Company in detail in reference to the disclosures seen in relation to the cash and cash equivalents, receivables, and inventory. This paper will discuss the numerous disclosures that Ford Motor Company has in their financial statements for their assets. As we dig deep into the financial statement to seek out disclosures, as well as making a detailed list that will identify the components of the organization’s cash and cash equivalents. Cash and Restricted Cash Disclosure

Ford Motor Company Financial statement is loaded with major factual information regarding how well the company is doing. The company actually makes a book of the financial information adding more information then actually needed. The one great thing Ford Motor Company has made it very easy to locate the information we are looking to investigate because they have made a table of contents that we can go straight to the information we are looking for. When looking at the table of contents the company has listed all the disclosers that company has, what page and reference number that can be utilized to look up information that pertains to what is being investigated. The Cash and Restricted Cash disclosure are one of the contents that are noted in the table contents. The Cash and Restricted Cash disclosure under Note 5 which will be on page 95 of the financial information Ford Motor company has given. Ford Motor Company Financial Statements states “Cash and cash equivalents that are restricted as to withdrawal or usage under the terms of certain contractual arrangements are recorded as restricted in Other assets on our consolidated balance sheet. Restricted cash does not include...
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