Disciplining Children

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Disciplining Children

Many parents and schools agree that spanking is one form of discipline that is sometimes necessary when a child misbehaves. He or she also believes the older the child becomes the less he or she needs a spanking, and other forms of discipline take its place. When a child reaches around the age of five or six many parents and schools change the discipline to, placing the child in time out, taking objects away from the child, or restrict the child's activities. However, the right to spank a child is illegal in many states; therefore it is not an option. Others will argue that a child should never receive a spanking; some individuals believe it is a form of abuse that may lead to violent tendencies. These parents and school officials believe in enforcing different forms of punishment to help the child understand right from wrong. Whereas some say spanking a child is a form of abuse, it is not abuse but a form of discipline and should be allowed by parents and schools.

Children of all ages need consistent discipline of some sort. Many parents believe that spanking a child is not considered a form of abuse as long as it is not done out of anger and is done on the bottom with his or her hand. He or she also believes that parents should talk to the child before and after a spanking, to allow the child to understand why the correction is necessary, and the only time a child should receive a spanking, is if the child has done something to justify it. This helps the child understand what he or she has done to warrant a spanking. For example; if a child runs out in the street, throws rocks at another person, or played with fire that would warrant a spanking. If a student cursed or yelled at a teacher, hit another person, or stole from a fellow student or faculty member, he or she should receive a spanking. It also shows the child that the parent or school cares while teaching the child certain behaviors are not tolerated....
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