Discipline in School and at Home

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Discipline In School And At Home

Every person in the world has an aim in life. A person cannot achieve it unless he is determined and punctual. One has to understand that it is not a simple task. He has to live a routined and disciplined life.

Before we can lead an disciplened life we have to understand what is discipline. Discipline is not just willpower. It is a way of life. It is a vital factor in shaping one’s personality. Discipline is not just among the humans, it can be found in other places too.In the entire universe, there is an order and discipline. The stars, the planets, the earth, the moon and the sun, move according to a system of discipline. We can see that plants, insects, birds and animals too observe discipline in their lives.

Discipline teaches us a lot of things. At the very beginning, we all know that discipline starts at home. Our parents are the first source from whom we learn about discipline. We should always obey our parents and elders. We should respect our elders and care for our younger brothers and sisters. We should behave well in front of our elders. We should help our mother in their household work. We should be active and we should not sit around and watch television all the time. We should wake up in the morning early and also go to sleep accordingly. We should maintain our health and hygiene. We should not eat excessively rather we should have a balanced diet. We should always keep in mind that education should be a big part in our life.We should study well and do our homeworks in time. We should help our younger siblings with their studies and sports. We should also fulfill our religious duties. We should pray Namaz in proper time and we should also recite the Quran. We should lead our life by the commands of Allah and try to be a better person.

Though discipline starts at home, there is much more need for it in schools. Schools are nursing places for various virtues and values. Discipline in the classroom, on the...
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