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Discipline is extremely important in student life
it’s the bridge between goals and achievements.
It forms the core of virtues such as success, manners and honesty. Discipline lays the foundation for achieving better results, outshining in class and more importantly,
gaining higher goals in life.
Quite frankly discipline
in modern day public schools is something we are clearly lacking.

Back when our parents were younger
discipline in schools was respected and standards
of achievement were much higher.
Nowadays students are getting away with too much
therefore they think they can do whatever they want and what they’ll get a detention? A recent international study
ranked New Zealand students among the worst-behaved
in the world.

Discipline not only affects success in terms
of academic results but it readies people for life.
Students leave school to join apprenticeships,
go into the work place, attend high level institutions
or even go on the benefit.
There are rules everywhere outside school
such as work times, clothing or safety requirements,
social or interpersonal guidelines, compulsory interviews or exams.

This is real life and we should be
preparing students for this, clearly stating that
later on in life there are going to be rules that they have to follow. Out in the real world you can’t just wear what you want, or say or do what you want, drive where you want to drive
or be under the influence of alcohol, or hurt others.
The consequences for these behaviours is losing your job,
being excluded from your education or even worse,
being fined or going to jail.

If a child has never learnt how to react to
discipline and rules, either at home or at school,
these lessons will be tough and potentially life changing.
Almost three-quarters of respondents in a
Sunday Star-Times reader poll, said discipline was
lacking in our schools, and blamed the rise in bad behavior
on the loss of...
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