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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Discipleship is most commonly linked to the twelve disciples. However, may go beyond the twelve disciples according to how one may define this many-sided term. Discipleship is not for everyone and can have its demands. I believe discipleship is a way of life that one must be called to do. Discipleship is a Christian way of life that can have its demands but can be a rewarding spiritual life. There are demands that come along with the discipleship of Jesus. These demands require you to live a life that completely follows Jesus and his teachings. According to Mark 3:14, discipleship demands a radically changed life. One would be risking possessions, security, and home in order to be with him. It demands daily prayer, the belonging to a community, the celebration and spread of the Word, also a life giving spirit. I believe that demands have not necessarily changed. However, there is a difference in how one was called before and now. I believe that before when Jesus was present it was much easier to determine who was an actual disciple of Christ merely because Jesus chose his twelve. Now it is a much different case. Today you may have your radical Christians who take the word too literal and don’t take into account that times have changed. Of course now you don’t see persecution for being a follower of Christ like it was before. I believe that a person’s gender and social status may demand the same type of discipleship dimension however, the influence you have on others is different. A female may not have much of a affect on Christians as if it was a male. And a poor individual who has left their belongings to become a disciple, may not have the same affect on people compared to a wealthy individual who had a lot to leave behind. This kind of relates to the reading on Antony. In the life of Antony he felt called to leave his possessions behind and live as a disciple to spread the word.

I do not think that everyone is called to be a true Disciple. I think that...
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