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Topics: Behavior, Psychology, Human behavior Pages: 48 (13922 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Based upon The Platinum Rule®
Model of Behavioral Styles
By Dr. Tony Alessandra

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Introduction to The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment3 PART I - UNDERSTANDING YOUR PERSONAL eGRAPH RESULTS
- Your eGraph Results8
- How to Read and Interpret Your eGraph9
- Interpreting School Associate Observer Responses10
- Interpreting Business Associate Observer Responses11
- Interpreting The Entire Composite eGraph12
- A Snapshot of Your Substyle13
- Descriptions of the 16 Substyles14
- An Overview of Your Primary Behavioral Style16
- A Summary of the Dominance18
- Dominances on the Job19
- The Dominance’s Behavior and Needs under Stress20
- How to Reduce Conflict21
- Action Plans for Dominances22
- Application of Behavioral Styles with Others24
- The Four Basic Styles Overview Chart25
- How to Identify another Person’s Style26
- What is Behavioral Adaptability29
- How to Modify Your Directness and Openness30
- Tension among the Styles31
- Action Plans for Others34
- How to Adapt to the Different Behavioral Styles35
DISC Platinum Rule Resources and References40

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Dear ,

Congratulations on completing the DISC Platinum Rule® Behavioral Style Assessment. Completing the Assessment could be one of the most important relationship building decisions you will ever make.

With your personalized and comprehensive DISC Platinum Rule® Behavioral Style Assessment, you have the tools to be successful. Your assessment will not only help you become a better you, it will help you behave more maturely and productively by teaching you how to focus on your goals instead of your fears. Then you can develop and use more of your natural strengths, while recognizing, improving upon and modifying your limitations. This report does not deal with values or judgments. Instead, it concentrates on your natural tendencies that influence your behavior. HOW TO USE THIS REPORT

First, read through the entire report. You’ll see that it is divided into three parts. The first part presents your eGraph results. Right after taking your DISC Platinum Rule® Behavioral Style Assessment, you will only see your results. As you invite others to complete the observer assessment, as they see you, more and more plot points will appear on your eGraph. This first section of your report will also cover how to read and interpret your eGraph results. It also includes a background section on the classic Johari window concept plus a discussion of your personal “substyle” with brief descriptions of all 16 DISC substyles.

The second part focuses on understanding your style characteristics at work, under stress, etc., and offers strategies for increasing your personal effectiveness. Please note that there is no ‘best’ style. Each style has its unique strengths and opportunities for continuing improvement and growth. The strengths and weaknesses, and any behavioral descriptions mentioned in this report, are tendencies only for your style group and may or may not specifically apply to you personally.

The third section of this report focuses on how to use the DISC concept with others, from how to visually and verbally identify another person’s style to how to adapt your behavior to “connect” with any of the four primary DISC styles. This last section is the all important successful application of this concept in all of your interpersonal relationships.

Study the characteristics of your style and how it relates to others. Practice ‘reading’ the signals others will send you and master it. Your success truly depends on the relationships you build. Why not build them on a foundation of proven, reliable skills?...
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