Disasters: Earth and Great Natural Resources

Topics: Earth, Tropical cyclone, Disaster Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: January 24, 2013

We all crave for a peaceful and prosperous living in this world. But nature is not always as tranquil as a calm lake or as azure as a cloudless sky. Nature endows us with a considerable number of great natural resources that we exploit to develop our lives in order to keep up with the rapid change of our own country. However, regardless of whether we fight with all might to protect the environment or step to the opposite side whose people are apt to harm it, nature more or less will deprive us of our property and relatives, tearing our picture of halcyon living asunder. Little by little the world is changing, nothing but we are ruling the Earth. Does it ever dawn upon us that we feel we are a part which is involved in creating the wrath of nature?

There has never been a complete day when the world is in its serenity. Everyday there are crying heard in grief and mournful stories reheard by those who are lucky to be survivors. Looking back to the past, 7 years to be exact, at the end of the year 2004, a tremendous tsunami was created offshore in the Indian Ocean. It spread towards many countries with an unbelievable speed, engulfing all islands on its way. The fatal walls of tidal wave, one after another, rushed ashore like hungry beasts then devastated houses and killed poor lives. After the disaster, over a hundred thousand souls were mercilessly carried away to the netherworld and people’s shoulders were once again on heavy duties. They had to prevent the spread of the diseases and reconstruct the buildings from their wreckage. They lamented the departed and tried in every way to relieve their pain themselves and alleviated the sorrow of those were bearing too much psychological pressure. It was the most appalling disaster ever known in history and remains a nightmare up to this day.

Bringing back to mind, we can say that the year 2010 gave us 365 days of complete exhilaration, but, for Haiti, it filled this country, which is...
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