Disaster Victims

Topics: Exxon Valdez oil spill, Petroleum, Mexico Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Disaster: British Petroleum Oil Spill

Date: April 20, 2010

Location: Gulf of Mexico

Personal Experiences:
A little over a year after the BP oilrig sprung a leak, my family and I went to Panama City in Florida. As far as we could see, we couldn’t notice any differences in the Gulf of Mexico. The water was still crystal clear even though thousands of barrels of oil leaked into the ocean each day for months. I was completely aware of how the spill dramatically affected the lives, jobs, and futures of countless Americans. The Gulf of Mexico is a critical natural resource that has major benefits and services for the people of the United States. As I was visiting Panama City some people in my family decided to go deep-sea fishing. When we were on the boat the Captain explained how their deep-sea fishing business was still recovering from the BP oil spill. People did not want to come to Panama City for vacation anymore and the disaster caused the fishing industry to lose money in many ways. A disaster like this destroyed coral reefs, lagoons, coastal wetlands, sea grass, and a variety of animals. The captain explained how oil spills affect all wildlife in some way. My personal experience on the boat made me feel bad for the people that had their lives changed because the oil spill could have been prevented very easily.

Give two examples of helping behavior:
The BP oil spill brought Americans in the gulf closer than they ever have before. Americans knew how important it was to devote their time helping in the recovery and cleanup processes. People volunteered to help clean up the tarball filled beaches. Tarballs are toxic byproducts of oil spills and they presented itself all over the Gulf Coast. Workers and cleanup crews worked together to use high-pressure hot water hoses to clean up the affected beaches, but the pressure washers caused more problems because the oil seemed to move deeper into the sand. This caused workers and volunteers to work...
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