Disaster Recovery Plan vs Business Continuity Plan

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  • Published : July 14, 2012
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Disaster Recovery Plan VS Business continuity Plan


Differences between a Disaster Recovery Plan and a Business Continuity Plan A Disaster Recovery Plan and a Business Continuity plan are very similar yet they also hold unique properties to themselves. Each one works with the other to keep a business working in case of an emergency. A Disaster Recovery Plan is a document of standard operating procedures and personnel are needed to execute those procedures within the IT department. It also includes specific systems that need to be recovered for critical business operations. A Business Continuity Plan tells of what systems processes and personnel that needed to be protected in case of an emergency. It lists them according to a business impact analysis to determine the rank of risk to the organization by priority. Operation critical systems are at the top of the list, systems that are less critical below that, and non essential systems are at the bottom of the list. A Disaster Recovery plans main purpose is to recover from an emergency to maintain business operations and protect company assets. As an example if a datacenter was to lose power a disaster recovery plan would dictate how the IT personnel would handle that situation and what they would need to do, including whom to contact in case of such an event. Five Key elements of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Five key elements of a Disaster Recovery Plan are to establish a planning group, perform a risk assessment and audit, establish priorities for applications and networks, develop recovery strategies, prepare inventory and documentation for the plan, develop verification criteria, and procedures and implement the plan (The Disaster Recovery Plan, Bahan 2003). The planning group determines which personnel would be needed to bring key systems back online. Risk assessments and audits should be documented within the disaster recovery plan to avoid mistakes and errors that may occur. Establishing...
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