Disaster Recovery Plan

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Appendix D

Disaster Recovery Plan

Student Name: Christopher Waller

University of Phoenix

IT/244 Intro to IT Security

Instructor’s Name: Romel Llarena

Date: April 15, 2012

Disaster Recovery Plan

Due in Week Three: For your selected scenario, describe the key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan to be used in case of a disaster and the plan for testing the DRP.

1 Risk Assessment

1 Critical business processes

List the mission-critical business systems and services that must be protected by the DRP.

Keeping the computers running, meeting formal and informal service level agreements with customers and suppliers, and being proactive rather reactive.

2 Internal, external, and environmental risks

Briefly discuss the internal, external, and environmental risks, which might be likely to affect the business and result in loss of the facility, loss of life, or loss of assets. Threats could include weather, fire or chemical, earth movement, structural failure, energy, biological, or human.

There are ample external risks such as natural disaster that are capable of interrupting the business. These can include earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, mudslides, snow, hail, ice, tornadoes, explosions, chemical reactions, waste spills, water and smoke damage, and power outages. Some of the internal risks include strikes, walkouts, interruptions and failures in the equipment, robbery, and other forms of hostile activities

2 Disaster Recovery Strategy

Of the strategies of shared-site agreements, alternate sites, hot sites, cold sites, and warm sites, identify which of these recovery strategies is most appropriate for your selected scenario and why.

In the scenario I selected, I feel that a warm-site would be best suitable. If something were to happen, we would already have a building supplied to use as...
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