Disaster Recovery

Topics: Management, Project management, Construction Pages: 4 (788 words) Published: October 27, 2012
1. In what ways are the Marshall Field’s flood disaster recovery effort a project? Why are large- scale disaster response and recovery efforts projects?

A. Because of following reasons the Marshall Field’s flood disaster recovery effort is a project :

 This project Involve a single, definable purpose or end-item(product or result). The purpose is specified in terms of cost,schedule, and performance requirements.

 This project is a one-of-a-kind activity, never to be exactlyrepeated.

 This project is undertaken to accomplish a goal of DisasterRecovery within a given period of time; once the goal is achieved,the project ceases to exist.

 This project requires multiple skills such as facilities, security,human resources, public relations, and financial, legal, insurance,and support.

 Task of this project is unfamiliar. It may encompass new ideas,approaches, or technology and possess elements of significantuncertainty and risk.

 There is something at stake for company depending on thesuccess of the project. Failure of the project might jeopardize theorganization or its goals.

 This project contains certain processes of working to achieve thegoal. This project passes through several distinct phases likeevacuation of water, repairing the hole in tunnel, to dissemblesalvable machinery, manage restoration etc; tasks, people,organizations, and resources change as the project moves fromone phase to the nextLarge- scale disaster response and recovery efforts are also containing thesame characteristics. So we can also consider them as a project.2.  

2. In what ways do the characteristics of crisis management as described inthis case correspond to those of project management?

A. Following are the ways by which characteristics of crisis managementcan be described in this case correspond to those of ProjectManagement:  Here single person heads the project. This project reflects thecross-functional, goal-oriented, temporary...
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