Disaster of Bhopal: Analysis on the Ethical Models

Topics: Bhopal disaster, Union Carbide, Dow Chemical Company Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Disaster of Bhopal: Analysis on the Ethical Models

December 3rd of 1984, Bhopal Disaster caused the chemical plant to blow and killing thousands of Indians people in the area near the plant. It was a true tragedy for the people of Bhopal because the situation was very intense at the night of the chemical explosion. It was reported that the natives of Bhopal felt like inhaling chili pepper and they were defecating and urinating in their clothes because the chemicals made them unconscious. As a result, many people got lungs and throats infection. In addition, lots of people got blindness, cancer and tuberculosis. There was mental retardation in ninety percent of the children born from parents who were affected by Bhopal disaster.

Numerous issues violated ethics and values of engineering as a profession. One of the issues I see in this situation is that there is a conflict between the public-safety against economic integrity. There is a serious issue in part of the Dow Chemicals- Union Carbide Plant in not maintaining the security regulation. There is a serious issue with professional responsibility because most of the professionals in the upper management were aware of the situation. Despite of getting 62 recommendations to fix the plant for safety, the management team didn’t assign the engineers to follow the recommendations. In addition, there are some issues with plant engineers because they were aware of the issues but didn’t act against it because they didn’t want to be the whistle blower.

Many of the safety measures didn’t work while the plant was operating. Most of them were being repaired and others were stopped for purpose of being repaired or replaced. The Dow Chemical didn’t want to spend money to run those machines for safety purposes. In addition, the pressure valve was not working and one of the plant managers had warned the management to fix the situation.

Studying the article, we find that the technology risk could be avoided had...
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