Disaster Management Plan

Topics: Emergency management, Management, Emergency evacuation Pages: 5 (1854 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Miami, Florida is one of the most known places for tourist.  It has high importance in the tourist sectors of the world.  There are various aspects of Florida which makes Miami an important city in the world.  The main aspect is the increasing inflow of visitors that come to Miami. Miami recently suffered significant losses due to the hurricane.  With this being said, a formal disaster plan is recommended to protect the city as well as the people in it.  Disaster management requires proper issue and concerns to be effective.  Accurate Geography information from various sources as well as systems should be integrated together to get maximum protection for homeland and to ensure security.  After doing research I have found many cities who suffer from disasters have become successful in surviving them using 3D city models.  This model allows you to collect needed information for emergency response in case of a disaster.  When any informational damage occurs during a disaster, the information already collected is used to repair the damages. Surveying is another great technique to be under evaluation to handle disaster management.  A survey can help people to learn more about the security and preventive measures of a disaster. The objective of a disaster management plan is to provide quick and effective response in emergency situations. Although there have been a lot of effective disaster plan, there still seems to be a growing awareness of the need for a multi-disaster action plan to tackle every affect a disaster cause. This action plan can only function properly if a proper study of the risks of a particular area is undertaken and the overall setup responsible for disaster mitigation is understood clearly. Community participation is one of the most essential and effective inputs for

the management of disasters. Other essential elements include training in the community for the successful execution of a disaster management plan. After doing multiple researches I’ve concludes” Know the location of the nearest police and fire stations, as well as the route to the nearest hospital emergency room. Meet with neighbors and find out who has medical experience. If you are taking this preparedness thing seriously, share this information with the households next to you. The more people you can convince to prepare, the greater your group resources. Remember that you will be called upon by all around you for help, especially by those who didn't take warnings seriously.  (Remember Noah?) Give spare keys to your trusted neighbors. Show them where the utility shutoffs are and provide them with a list of contact phone numbers.” Says the epicenter.com It is also important to build confidence in controlling the possible outcome if a disaster. With this being said, it supports the main reason that building confidence and self reliance with in a state is effective when dealing with disasters. A disaster plan is suppose to be back up by awareness and preparedness. A natural disaster can happen at anytime. Some disasters give warning, but more severe storms like earthquakes give no warning. In that case when a disaster happens, the time to prepare is gone, and all here is to do is try to cope. Each day there should be an examination of ways to cope with a disaster, even that means putting money aside in a savings account. Preparation of isolation is expected, so you should be prepared to be on your own for a minimum of 3 days and nights. There will likely be the loss of utilities after a disaster, although power outages may be given, water may be scarce.

The loss of power turns into severe problems because of its side affects most don’t think of. Gasoline will no longer be available (with out power there is no way to pump the gas). Cash cards will be useless if power or phone lines are lost. Many stores will also have a hard time opening, because there will be no way to access the prices of items. You should...
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