Disaster Management

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  • Published: April 3, 2013
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Southern African countries are still developing so they are not able to cope up with disasters they encounter. A disaster is better defined as an event of significant impact exceeding the capacity of the affected community to cope using its own resources ending up attracting the intervention of national and international community. The lack of development in southern Africa makes the countries struggle very much to attend to disaster risk hence making it clear that challenges to reduce disaster in Southern Africa is essentially a development question. A number of challenges enshrined around the reason why southern Africa is failing to attend to the disaster are inclusive of economic, social, political, environmental and technological factors. A discussion of the factors mentioned above is the main purpose of this piece Limited finance

Government assistance in such situations is often limited due to the already grave financial burdens they face. According to the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, southern Africa is exposed to disaster risk from various natural causes, particularly those arising from hydro meteorological hazards. Thus this lack of finance can be identified to be a result of lack of development in the sense that a majority of these countries are indebted to western countries thus hindering them from developing their response towards disasters. Hence the governments have difficulties in preserving enough money for disaster management. Khogali (2002) in his article states that an estimated 14 million people in Southern Africa needed food assistance in 2002-2003, and governments struggled to respond. Political Factors

In some countries in the Southern Region of Africa, humanitarian assistance is heavily politicized. The Governments chooses which events to be declared disasters. Some stated criteria are of no use and political expedience is all that counts. In developing countries, elections in particular can be crucial in determining...
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