Disappointment and Male Egotism: a Comparison of Two Stories

Topics: Short story, Lottery, The Lottery Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Disappointment and Male Egotism; A comparison of two stories “The lottery ticket” by Anton Chekhov and “The lottery” by Shirley Jackson have many similarities. Both pieces examine potential disastrous outcomes of participating in a lottery. Chekhov’s story is a very basic representation of one man’s negative lottery experience. Though Jackson’s work is about a very different kind of village lottery, it too tells the story of a devastating lottery experience. The pieces share many common ideas. In comparing the two pieces, it is evident that Chekhov’s and Jackson’s stories both depict two common themes: disappointment in winning the lottery, and male egotism. In Chekhov’s story, Ivan Dmitritch, the main character and husband to Masha, is a content man who never thought much of the lottery. This changed however when he thought there was a chance that his wife won the lottery. They each daydreamed about how they would spend their fortune. Separately, the couple realized that they had different plans for how to spend the money. This quickly forced Ivan to loath his spouse and the life that they so contently lived. In Jackson’s story, a small village of families came together to draw an annual lottery. Representatives of each family were brought forward to pick their family’s lottery drawing. The family who won the lottery then participated in another drawing. The lottery ended up determining which family member would be stoned by the villagers. These two stories may seem different. However, they actually share many similarities, two of which stand out the most. One of the most significant similarities between the two stories is that they each show negative outcomes of winning the lottery. In Chekhov’s story it shows how winning the grand prize could tear a marriage apart. The thought of $75,000 made Ivan resent his family members and his seemingly normal life. Furthermore, he even began to resent Masha, “and his wife’s face, too, struck him as repulsive and...
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