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disTwo years ago, my father decided to take our whole family on a holiday to the other provinces in China. He wanted my brother and me to think of which province we would want to go and we were in charge of planning the trip itinerary. My brother and I have always wanted to visit Hunan province as we feel that it is a very beautiful province where the famous Wu Ling Yuan is. Wu Ling Yuan is a scenic area famous for the sandstone pillars. We decided to spend one week in Hunan during Chinese New Year that year as it was the only time my father would not be busy with his factory. My brother and I spent most of our free time planning what our whole family should do during that one week in Hunan. Other than visiting the places of interest and eating the different types of dishes, we wanted to visit my parents’ friends who stay in Hunan. As the Chinese New Year was approaching, we were getting more and more excited as we could not wait till the day we arrive Hunan. My brother and I even started packing our luggage and seeing what we should prepare before going to Hunan. One afternoon, my father came and told us that we had to cancel our holiday trip as his factory had to rush out a batch of goods. My brother and I felt extremely disappointed as we spent a lot of time planning this trip. We were upset for close to one week. One evening, while watching the news, my mother saw that a snow storm had hit Hunan. Many people were unable to go outdoors. The snow storm lasted for about a week and if my father did not have to stay in his factory, we would be in Hunan when the snow storm hit. I felt that this is a disappointment that turned out to be a blessing.
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