Disadvantages of a Million Dollars

Topics: Money, Currency, Debt Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Disadvantages of A Million Dollars

Winning a million dollars could turn out being more trouble than it is worth. There are many reasons as to why winning that much money would be too much hassle. With a million dollars, you could see the world, buy your dream house, or pay off debts. However, when you win that much money you only receive half of it after taxes, so your spending limit is limited. Many people who receive large amounts of money like this spurge until there is nothing left. Some people use this money to pay off debts, which is potentially good. Then, they turn around and excessively buy many things that they could truly live without. After, the excessive spending most people go right back into debt because they did not invest the money wisely. With all this money, many people you know or somewhat know are going to come out of the wood works. These people are going to beg for money. Some will try and say you owe them. All in all, these people want a piece of your winnings. This issue could cause relationship problems between loved ones and friends. You can help out your family and friends with their debt. Many times though those people can be very greedy and won't be happy with what you do give them. They might ask for more or say it is not enough. Furthermore, if you don't help these people, they could start problems and that is when you will find out who matters and who is just being a mooch. Money changes people and on many occasions for the worst. People become greedy when they have money. Greed can start to push away the people who really matter in life. Many times fake friends are gained that can bring you down. Goal's people have are lost, because they think, they don't need work or to gain an education with all the money they have. Money is the evil of all evil. Money does make the world go round and buys the essential things we need to live, but it also changes the way people live. Most people who do not have money are grateful any chance...
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