Disadvantages of Social Network

Topics: Full-time, Psychology, Comment Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Social networking is a time consuming activity. A person is expected to participate by reading and to commenting on many topics and posts, rather than just skimming and lurking. It takes time to figure out ways to tweak the profile page into a masterpiece of beauty and widgetry. It takes time to find out where the great groups and people are. Once they are found, it takes time to carry on the conversations and to develop the relationships. Even sneaking over to a site for a guilty pleasure: games, can turn into a time consuming group process. The farming, group interactive and other games can become a full time job as others want to borrow this, give that and then to talk about it all. The budding writer who puts the best work up has to tolerate the comments from those who troll through people's blogs and who want to pick fights, carp and criticize or argue for argument's sake. Certain political operatives and volunteers live to attack anything that does not agree with their extremist views. The mentally disturbed and unstable want attention. Worse, people read but do not comment at all. In summary, there are dangers, irritants, untrustworthy processes, such as selling registration information, and there are untrustworthy people who are active in social networking. The savvy social networker takes time to establish solid friendships and memberships in groups, has a skeptical mind, and holds back when prompted to give up too much personal information or to interact with total strangers.
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