Disadvantages of Having Pet

Topics: Chinchilla, Rodent Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: April 14, 2008
It was september. The day was quite sunny and little bit windy. Tdifferent than in Poland. I knew that was a new beginning for me. My dream finally came true. That was the live which I have always wanted. Without parental care, without boundries. Also living in such big city as Chicago was more than I could have ever asked for. I got my first job, later I rented my first small flat. But I relized that was something missing in that beatiful picture. Everytime I went back home after long hours of working only TV and my bed was waiting for me. No single sound as like “Hello” or “Hi” what I heard was just empty silence. Belive me it was very depresing. That is why I decidet to have a pet.

My boyfriend and I went to huge pet store. Before we have entered this store I had knew that I wanted to have something furry, cute, playful, cuddly and mostly not stinky. The choice of so different critters was staggering. Finally I made my decision. I decided to have a chinchilla. At the time it was holiday seaon so I got my new furry friend as a gift from my boyfriend, I was so happy that I felt like I was in sevent heaven. However when I was about to pay and I saw the tottal amount my enthusiasm rapidly went down. As you propablly thinking , yes, it was not cheap. The cage, special pelled food, hay, accessories for the cage and bathing powder went over 200$. But when I saw my rodent sitting quietly in a special box my anger just disapper very quickly. And I did not care about the money anymore.

I was extremely happy because I had a new furry roommate. In my room I set up a cage I put all needed accessories in. Then I moved my chinchilla in to it’s new home. At pet store I bought few books about chinchillas. I learned that chinchillas have nocturnal way of live. I thought during the night it will play with new toys or eat hay. I was wrong. The first nights were disaster. My sweet chinchilla made a competition for itself to jump and much as much noise as it could....
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