Disadvantages of Genetic Modification Foods

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  • Published : September 14, 2010
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Disadvantages of genetic modification foods
Genetically modified foods are a new kind of food which has been recognized as another food crisis such as mad cow disease in Britain (Sorensen, 1999). Since genetically modified foods are becoming more common there is a conflict around the globe to the use of them (Alarie, 2000, p.19). Moreover, there is certain evidence that has been proven the natural process of genetic modification is unsafe and can cause particular health risks (Smith, 2009, p. 18). Therefore, genetically modified has to remove from agricultural products because of the dangers to human health, environmental health, and human ethic. The first serious danger of genetically modified foods is to human health because it causes allergic reactions and unpredictable results in gene transfer. Hanly says, “For example, people who are allergic to nuts might have an extremely allergic reaction to a GM food that contains a gene from nuts. The solution to this problem is proper labeling, warning, and caution” as cited in (Howard, 2000, p.5). Also this is not only consumers who concern about potential food allergens, food industry is extremely concerned about allergic reactions to their products too, because they want their products to be accept and appreciate by producers. Therefore, Health Canada is responsible for assessment of these potential risks to human health and would require clear labeling if there is any health or safety concern related to allergens.(Williams,2005, p.187)Furthermore, transferring a gene from species to another may have some effects. Hanly proves in his website that genetic modification builds artificial DNA that are contain various collection of genes from pathogenic bacteria which cause disease ,viruses ,and other genetic parasites (Howard, 2000, p.5). Thus, there are a lot of potential such as allergens, toxins, and new diseases which mentioned by the scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (Smith,...
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