Disadvantages of Decentralisation

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  • Published: May 20, 2013
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6 main disadvantages of decentralisation
(1) The success of decentralization will depend upon the quality of personnel manning the decentralized units. In those cases where the training, experience, education etc of the employees are inadequate, decentralisation of authority and of decision making would be harmful for the enterprise. There will be wrong decisions, confusion, contradictions etc. (2) Decentralisation becomes uneconomic and unwieldy unless the organisation is large and strong enough at the top to cope with a decentralised structure. Particularly for a small organisation decentralisation is not at all desirable because it would be easier and more economical to administer the enterprise on a centralized basis. (3) When an organisation expands through internal growth, decentralisation is not necessary and may be harmful. Unlike external expansion, in this situation no desire for absolute autonomy pre-exists. (4) In situations of emergency or trouble, decentralised administration is ineffective. It is costly and time consuming to control an emergency situation which affects a vital business area under a decentralised plan. Such decisions have to be taken at the top, and excessive decentralisation may lead to too much of consideration and delay before the problem is brought to the attention of the central or top authority. (5) In the absence of adequate information, decentralised administration tends to become weak. Decentralised decision making depends upon the quick availability of information pertaining not only to the particular decentralised unit but also to the other related activities' and unit. In the absence of this ancillary information decisions will lack coordination and unity amongst the different organizational units. (6) If it is not possible to break up the business suitably into profit centers or investment centers, then decentralisation may result in inadequate appraisal and control. In conclusion we may quote H.A. Simon, "that some...
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