Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery

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  • Published : April 19, 2008
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Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery

Warren St. John wrote an article about the death of a 42-year old Irish woman, Kathleen Kelly Cregan; her cause of death was having a face-lift in New York City. Mrs. Cregan told her husband that she was leaving only for business course in Dublin. Her family wasn’t aware that Mrs. Cregan left the country to have a surgery in New York. She supposedly wanted to surprise her husband with her new look, but the excitement turned to mourning of her family members after they heard about Mrs. Cregan’s death. It was Dr. Michael Evan Sachs who performed her surgery. According to the investigations Dr. Sachs has settled 33 malpractice lawsuits in recent years; however, Mrs. Cregan’s family said that she was unaware of Dr. Sachs’ record. Mrs. Cregan knew about Dr. Sachs only by reading a newspaper about an Irish lady named Helen Donaghy that had the same surgery with Dr. Sachs. The surgery of Mrs. Donaghy was successful that’s why Mrs. Cregan decided to have the same surgery with the same doctor. Plastic surgery leaves some marks or spots on the body which can be rectified by performing another plastic surgery and some are permanent which cannot be treated with any surgery.

Risks depend on the type of plastic surgery. Some of the risks of breasts augmentation include bleeding of the gel, encapsulation and the prospect of loss of silicone in the body. The risk of liposuction included discoloration, depigmentation, numbness, bruising and pain. Facelift plastic surgery also involves various side effects such as nerve damage which the person’s face insensible. The patient also suffers from mild side effects such as feeling pain the affected part and inflammation which can disappear with the time.

The recovery period from cosmetic surgery can by lengthy for some procedures, lasting up to several months. Many procedures, though relatively safe, have the potential for serious complications that may even be permanent in nature....
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