Disadvantages of Cd

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  • Published : January 30, 2012
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Disadvantages of CD-Rewritable:
* It can be affected by Environment (oxygen, heat, sunlight, humidity, liquids, and dust) and human mishandling (scratched, cracked, bent, misplaced, etc.). * It is more costly than CD-ROM
* It is considerably less reliable with each recording and are not recommended for long-term or archival use. * Since it is portable media, it has risk of getting lost unlike internal hard-disks * It is time-consuming as manual process requiring human interaction (inserting disks, selecting files or running backup software, labeling & cataloging, taking offsite, etc.)Is required. * CD-RWs are usually limited to 4x burn speed. So, pen drives which are relatively faster than CD-RW have taken over it. * CDs are limited to 700 MB of space, which is hard to manage if you have a file larger than that. * Software’s like Nero is needed to burn files into CD-RW. Pen drives don’t need any software’s to copy files in it. * Backing up your full system to a CD requires specialized software and multiple disks. Recovery typically is an extremely troublesome, time consuming and failure-prone process. * CD-RW disks were never designed to be used like flash media, although there are some programs that allow you to drag and drop files in the same way. * Compared to the tiny flash drives and cards that can easily be placed in a pocket, a wallet or on a key-chain, a CD-RW is much less practical for keeping with you on the move. * They can only be written to a finite number of times before data starts to get corrupted when it is copied to the disc.
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