Disabled: World War Ii and Refugee Blues

Topics: World War II, Tragedy, Refugee Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Compare the loss of a soldier in “Disabled” by Wilfred Owen to that of civilian in “Refugee Blues” by W.H Auden

The poem “Disabled” written by Wilfred Owen speaks about the affects of war and the tragic loss of an individual who happens to be a soldier. The poem contains many connotations of loss, tragedy, cruelty, depression and the contrasting point of view from different people towards the person. However, the poem “Refugee Blues” is also based on the theme of war, and talks about many things in relation to loss, tragedy, helplessness, oppression and fear. When observing both these poems from the point of comparison, we can learn that many of the themes and situations correspond with each other in regards to the tragic situations and how certain individuals are affected by all these negative themes.

Both poems are based on the tragic affects of war. The poem “Disabled” talks about a soldier during World War One who lost his limbs. Another poem, “Refugee Blues” describes the refugee camp during World War Two, in Germany. The main characters of the poems are both victims of the war and the harshness of being in a refugee camp. In the poem “Disabled”, the soldier returns home in a very helpless state and it appears that he cannot become involved in anything that he could prior to joining the army. His state happens to leave him in a lifeless condition. “All of them touch him like some queer disease.” Therefore the loss of life and quality of life in this poem are a very sensitive subject. In comparison, the in poem “Refugee Blues”, the refugees are in an extremely dangerous situation where they are in a state of fighting for their lives. However their attempts are helpless as they are under a regime where their death shall come inevitably. Therefore the two poems have a very sensitive approach to the team of death and although in “Disabled” the soldier is portrayed as a living dead, in “Refugee Blues”, we see how the living must be killed. “If you’ve got...
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