Disabled Person

Topics: Family, Extended family, Disability Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Consider the impact of a disabled person in a household. You might contrast the consequences of different disabilities or illnesses on a family. For example, what is the impact on a family of disabled children, adolescents, or adults who may suffer from mental retardation, cancer, muscular dystrophy, or diabetes? Discuss the family as a system with mutual and interactive consequences for each other in their blame, comfort, support, etc. in the care of the disabled individual. What factors promote the positive adjustment of all family members? According to “mind relief” Disability is usually defined as “a loss or restriction of functional ability or activity as a result of body or mind”. Considering a person with a disability in a house hold there are consequences that his/her family has to deal with for example, if someone suffers from mental retardation the family has to deal with the emotional effects ( psychological problems), social problems, sleeping problems, depression, guilt, ashamed, and self-esteem issues. Living with a disabled person can have profound effects on the entire family–parents, siblings, and extended family members. It is a unique shared experience for families and can affect all aspects of family functioning. On the positive side, it can broaden horizons, increase family members' awareness of their inner strength, enhance family cohesion, and encourage connections to community groups or religious institutions. On the negative side, the time and financial costs, physical and emotional demands, and logistical complexities associated with raising a disabled child can have far-reaching effects. The impacts will likely depend on the type of condition and severity, as well as the physical, emotional, and financial wherewithal of the family and the resources that are available.

Having a disabled person in a household may increase stress, take a toll on mental and physical health, make it difficult to find...
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