Disabled: Metaphor and Quote

Topics: Metaphor, War Requiem, Writing Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Wilfred Owen wrote a variety of war poetry, these war poems were often illustrating to the audience, the dreadful truth about war. In his poem ‘disabled’ he explored a range of phrases that ensures the audience how war can/does ruin your life, briefly this poem is about a man (soldier) who decides to sign up for war and a year later he comes back “Disabled”- linking to the poems title. Now Wilfred is describing about what the man is feeling.

In “disabled” Wilfred Owen examines the tragic things that have affected a man which was a soldier in the horrific war. Owen clearly portrays that becoming a soldier doesn't give you sign of neither dignity, nor fame or increase in popularity .The figurative language “waiting for the dark” states that the man is so depressed and fulfilled with agony that he is simply waiting for his death. It paints a picture to the reader that the man doesn’t look forward for anything but just longs for his days to end. By this quote, Wilfred is highlighting the fact that becoming a soldier in war is a repulsive, dangerous, shocking and wasteful experience which doesn’t help you in anything else than getting badly injured. This also displays that certainly his life has ended- in a mental way; also this man is now suffering with pain, misery and a sense of torture. In addition this phrase also underlines that Wilfred Owen, was trying to reveal to the audience that war was nothing but negative, and you gain nothing in a heroic sense.

Further on, there a few more examples in which display the ways Wilfred Owen shows the audience about his opinion about war. For instance the metaphor, “threw away his knees” suggests that Wilfred Owen is implying that the man’s knees are no longer available for use, not working, just “metaphorically” dead. Also by writing this figurative language, Wilfred Owen is trying to persuade the audience, how once again, linking to the previous quote going to war doesn’t do you anything, then forces you...
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