Topics: Disability, Disability rights movement, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Jesse LopezPeriod 3
Mr. Medina
November 8th 2012
Society's View of the Disabled
Discrimination against people with disabilities is one of the greatest social injustices in our country today. Unfortunately it is also one of the least publicized and most neglected social issues in recent history. People with disabilities are generally looked at and talked about in a negative way, and are subsequently treated differently than people who are not seen as disabled. It is hard to pinpoint the very source of many stereotypes because the issue of disability rights transcends the borders of race, ethnicity, education level, economic standing, and class issues. In fact, disabled people are generally invisible to the public. Out of sight and out of mind is the way in which people tend to deal with the injustices endured by the disabled community. The only way to confront the issue of discrimination against people with disabilities is through social awareness, education, and tolerance of those who have a disability. One of the most elementary rights that are granted to most in our country is a public education. People who face disabilities tend to learn and grow in a way that is different than what our society typically considers “normal”. Some people take longer to learn than others, this is a fact. Just because someone learns in a way which differs from your own, does that make them any less or more of a person? Before many of the laws that have been passed recently in our nation’s history children with disabilities were looked at as less than human and in most cases were not offered a formal education. Set aside and disregarded as the ruble of the human race. In fact it was only in 1961 that public school buildings started to require ramps so that they could be accessible by all. Fortunately today, most children that suffer from disability are put into special programs that can accommodate their needs as people while allowing them to experience an education. More of an...
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