Topics: Time, World War II, World War I Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: February 19, 2013
1. Wilfred own aimed to convey to “the pity of war” in his poetry. How does he try to do this in disabled? Introduction: Wilfred Owen was born on the 18th of March 1893 and died 4th November 1918, 1 week before World War 1 (WW1) ended pity is conveyed through the connection between the past and the present and how the solider is described and the mental torment.  It expresses the tormented thoughts and recollections of a teenaged soldier in World War Iwho has lost his limbs in battle and is now confined, utterly helpless, to a wheelchair Wilfred Owen is trying to convey the real tragedy of the war Paragraph 1-How his life changed –“they touch him like a queer disease”, line 11 and 12 . “In the old times, before he threw away his knees” this reinforces that before the war women were a prominent part of his life, this is juxtaposed to the present where “all of them touch him like some queer disease”. The idea of pity and waste is emphasised as the man can now never find love or have a relationship due to the effects of war, this leads to a life of loneliness the man now has to face Owen further rubs in the fact 

that the man is hindered by the "Voices" of "boys", "play and  pleasure" which he could hear from the park. This also showed the way  in which the man was thinking of when he was younger. He could "play"  and had enjoyment whilst being looked after, "till gathering  sleep….mothered them". The last stanza shows the pathos of the  disabled man in the same way as the first stanza. This creates a  border f...

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...ich he once had because 
he asks questions, almost begging to the reader "Why don't they come".  This is because the girls are not coming to the hospital and people  aren't looking after him because he is useless. 
Paragraph 2--irony of each situation-relationship of past and present-“one time he liked a blood smeared down his leg” Paragraph 3- how the solider is isolated.the adjectives in the first stanza...
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