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Wilfred Owen's poem "Disabled" is about a soldier who came home from WWI missing arms and legs, and how this disability changed his life. This poem was written when Owen was in Craiglockhart War Hospital being treated for shell shock. While Owen was in hospital, inspiration of writing this poem came when he saw numerous soldiers like the one he had described. At that time, due to lack of medicine, injuries of soldiers became more serious and soldiers started to lose their soul of fighting. Not only were the soldiers losing their limbs, but also they were also losing their will to live.

This poem was structured in five stanzas. It opens with a broken war hero confined to his wheelchair waiting to die. The author expresses this in the first two lines of the poem, “[he was] waiting for dark … in a ghastly suit of grey.” The disable man emotions are quickly changed with the sound of “Voices of play and pleasure.” It reminds him the feeling that he was once happy. It is important to know that the opening of this poem is most likely to how the story ends. The second stanza gives us a grime of his happy memory a time when everyone was happy and he had hands to feel a touch of girls. Today, however, no girls want to touch a disfigured man. The third stanza transitions from happy times when he was young, healthy and had an “artist silly for his face.” Now, a year later, “he is old; his back will never brace.” The man feels he is aged half of his life during the war. It is here the man remembers the moment he was shot and his life suddenly changed. He also remembers the drunken moment after a football game when he first decided to become a soldier. From the third to the fourth stanza, the man thinks of two reasons he marched in to hell. Someone said he looked good in the uniform and to impress his girlfriend, so “he asked to join. He didn’t have to beg.” He had no fear and thought of only the benefits of joining the military. When he came back, there were not a lot of...
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