Disability: Deaf Culture and Medical Model

Topics: Deaf culture, British Sign Language, Sign language Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Positive attitudes to disability and specific requirements are important learning new skills to be able to help them can help them to better their development where as if you have low expectations of a child with a disability or specific needs this can have an impact on what the child achieves in life. 1)‘If he’s in a wheelchair, I’m sorry we will not be able to take him to the farm visit, we are going in staff cars and we just can’t do it!’ This statement represents the medical model as they are saying that they are not able to make changes for the child therefore they can not take part in the visit and the medical model looks at changing things to make the child able to participate.2) ‘All staff have learnt Makaton so we will be able to find the best way of communicating with Jane, don’t worry!’This statement represents the social model as the staff have found ways that they can help. The social model is about what can be done to help the child achieve their potential.

‘I’m sorry but our staff don’t have the training to administer the medication so we will be unable to give your child a place at the nursery.’ This statement represents the medical model as they are expecting the child to fit in with their setting and not trying to find helpful ways to be able to accept the child I.E. a training course on how to administer the medication.different types of support available in the children and young people setting1) A child with autism Visual aidsMany children with autism find it easier to understand the world around them through visual aids. Staff may use a visual timetable showing times and simple drawings of the activities, so that the child knows exactly what they will be doing and when as many of children with autism like to have a set routine. Schools can use computer software packages to write out stories, descriptions and instructions in both words and symbols simultaneously. We can also do things like written lists, objects and calendars to...
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