Disabilities in Cambodia

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Disabilities in Cambodia

Cambodia’s recent turbulent history has left a legacy of high numbers of people with disabilities of all ages and conditions. People with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups in the country and are the least likely to be in school. According to one estimate, the gap in school participation between people with and without disabilities is twice as high as the gaps associated with rural residence, wealth, and gender (World Vision 2007). Even though some disabled people are in regular schools, few modifications have been made for them and their number is minute in proportion to overall enrolment. Not only can’t they get education, both formal and informal, and/or vocational skills for supporting lives they don’t play many roles in the society. Afterward, how could they express their voices and ideas to the society? Hence, what should be done to motivate them to raise their perceptions in the society as a full citizen? It is not any individual’s responsibilities – it is everyone’s responsibilities? First, it’s vital that everyone understand what is called disability. There is no universally agreed definition of disability although many experts try to prove evidence of their explanation. Disablement is usually defined as being unable to use one or more limbs properly regardless of congenital abnormalities or any incidents, though. How many people are disabled in Cambodia? The number and/or percentage of people who are disabled differ from publication to publication. According to the National Institute of Statistics (2004), however, approximately 170,000 Cambodians are living with disabilities according to the last three Socio-Economic Surveys held in Cambodia. Among them, it is estimated that the number of children under 18 years old with disabilities in Cambodia was 32,000, approximately 21% of the total number of disabled people although the number of disabled people is neither clear nor accurate. What causes to disabilities?...
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