Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Essay

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Film 106
23 November 2011
Comparative Essay: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
The musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is based on a popular 1998 film by the same title. The storyline is about two conmen, (1) Lawrence Jameson who is played by Patrick McBride and (2) Freddy Benson who is played by Tom Andrew/Reed Willard, living on the French Riviera. Now Lawrence is a cultivated and suave gentleman who cons rich ladies out of their money by pretending he is prince of a small country that doesn’t exist and his throne was stolen from him. Whereas Freddy on the other hand is an American thief who cons women into giving him money by telling made up stories about his sick grandmother who needs an expensive operation. One day they meet on the train, but soon find out that the small French town they live in isn't big enough to support two conmen. Since neither one want to leave they decide to setup a challenge. They agree that the first person to successfully swindle $50,000 from a young Christine Colgate, who is played by Virginia Gregg, will get to stay in town whereas the loser has to leave only gets certain countries to con. This is when the true story begins and the audience undergoes many twists and laughs. The play and the film were both very good but in my opinion there were some things that were lost from the film interpretation. Though the details that I missed were nothing that the director of the play could have done and the director did a very good job of finding substitutes. Such as the fact that he couldn’t hire Steve Martin so he found another actor that did a very good job of playing Freddy Benson. He couldn’t bring the French Riviera to him so instead he attempted to have backdrops that would help the allusion and have some props that would help its effect. I didn’t find it intriguing but the actors definitely tried to pursue the audience into believing it was unbelievable. The play also added a relationship into the storyline to try and help it to be a...
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