Dirty Hospitals

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Wright 1
John Wright



February 27, 2013

Infected Hospitals

If someone were very sick or injured in some way, a good place to take him or her would be the hospital. Hospitals help people and save lives. Everyone knows that hospitals save lives and want to help people. They’ve been around forever. Some of the earliest documented institutions that were aiming to provide cures and help date back to the Egyptian temples. Hospitals are supposed to be clean and safe, but inspections of hospitals don’t even measure cleanliness. There is so much that is overlooked when it comes to a clean hospital. We all think hospitals are clean and safe, but they aren’t always what we perceive them to be.

When it comes to food, and how your food is supposed to be prepared and stored, there is a ton of codes, inspections, and rules that Restaurants and food places have to follow. You would think when it comes to being clean; Hospitals would be at the top of the list. The weird thing is that hospitals are exempt, even there operating rooms aren’t inspected for cleanliness. The Joint Commission, which inspects and accredits U.S. Hospitals doesn’t even measure for cleanliness. Neither does most state health departments, and the federal centers for disease control and prevention. Data presented a couple of years ago at the annual meeting of the society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America documented the lack of hygiene in hospitals and it’s relationship to deadly infections. Boston University Wright 2

researchers who examined forty-nine operating rooms found that more than half of the objects that should have been disinfected were not. A study of patient rooms in twenty hospitals in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C., found that more than half of the surfaces that should have been cleaned for the new patients were left dirty. Should we be blaming the health and sanitation inspections or the people that are supposed to be cleaning the...
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