Dirt Bikes' Operating System

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes
In reviewing the information available regarding Dirt Bikes’ operating system, there are a few recommendations that will help the organization improve their communication and costs. Starting with incorporating a local area network (LAN) would allow a better line of communication between each employee, as well as able to obtain information more efficiently. Building an intranet system will support the organization in allowing employees to access information stored from a central depository such as a database server. Dirt Bikes’ can also implement a Voice over IP system. The first recommendation is for Dirt Bikes’ to introduce a local area network to allow all the computers to communicate with one another all with in the same network. Creating a local area network in a star topology format will let all the computers flow through one hub, so that if one computer loses connection it does not affect the rest of the systems. The company should use a copper medium, such as a twisted wire cable to allow transmission between different network elements within the local area network. Building a local-area network and connecting it to the Internet will provide access to remote locations and wide area networks (WAN) to reach a global area. Introducing a server that is available on the intranet would benefit all the departments by introducing a central depository of information easily accessible and will help with the sharing of information within the organization. With the server being on a star network topology, this will ensure that the server will remain online for most all users in the event one computer is broken or disconnected from the network. The server will benefit the sales and marketing by letting them know what is selling and will give the company the ability to find how many bikes are in stock as well as what is in production or being ordered. This will let them better suit the needs of the clients’ requests....
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