Dirt Bike Sales Ideas

Topics: Wireless, Extranet, Intranet Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Dirt bike sales ideas.
I think that a well-designed website would help to boost sales. If you have a complete product line with all the specs of each dirt bike that you sell, options that can be added or things that you wouldn’t want on your dirt bike, along with prices and accessories would in my opinion help sales out a great deal. It should be fairly easy to navigate and I would have your best seller on the homepage to attract people to check it out. Contact information along with customer service should also be something to have on their so that customers can call and place orders or if they have question they have someone to contact. Company history should also be something to talk about with things like when it was founded, and how much it has grown and innovations that have been made.

I would also recommend using an extranet so that you can share corporate information with people that might be interested in buying or selling your product. Although there is some risks to using this method there is also some great benefits that come from this as well. By using this method you can shorten the time it takes for someone to place an order and the time it takes to fill it as well. By placing orders through a limited number of suppliers you can decrease their costs and increase their revenue coming in. You can also use an extranet the other way as well, you can use an extranet to make it easier and cheaper for your clients to order from you. This could reduce their cost and in turn increase your revenue as well as increased market shares, and higher profits. Extranets can contain special pricing information for retailers, resellers, or wholesalers. Extranets might contain detailed product specifications and instructions, resources for product representatives, or information on their product's latest features. This would be a big benefit for the company and I think would help greatly.

I think that the use of an intranet would also be very...
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