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  • Published : April 12, 2005
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1. Two possible fuel tank suppliers for Dirt Bike are J&P Cycles and Hot Rods USA. Both companies supply numerous designs of fuel tanks that can be used for motorcycles. J & P Cycles is a US company that ships within the US and their prices for a listed below for ground transportation:

Invoice Total Rate
0-$49.99 $6.99
$50-$99.99 $7.99
$100-$149.99 $12.99
$150-$199.99 $16.99
$200-$299.99 $18.99
Over $299.99 FREE
Bike Lifts $25.00
Extra Wide Bike Ramp $50.00
Complete Motors $100.00
Rolling Chassis Kits $175.00
Trailers $300.00
C.O.D. Add $7.00

For this company however, if the package is 5 lbs and under $150 in value the package will be shipped Priority Mail. For Ground Transportation the predicted time is 7 – 10 days not including Saturday or Sunday.

For Hot Rods USA is another US company so shipping within the US the shipping time is very similar to J & P Cycles. All of the shipping within the US is free for over $500. It will take between 7 -10 days.

J & P Cycles would probably be the best out of the two. For them the price of shipping is free at a lower buying price. This way if Dirt Bike was to buy in a low bulk they would receive free shipping. The only problem that might arise would be when it come to just buying one. Dirt Bike would have to pay for the Priority mailing price because it is small and under a certain price. This almost focuses Dirt Bike to constantly buy in Bulk. Both will take the same amount of time when shipping.

2. There is great supply chain management software that Dirt Bike can use. Two software packages are Microsoft Business Solutions for Supply Chain Management and IFS Applications – Supply Chain Management. Both are delivered in package form of other CDs that are geared towards certain steps in the Supply Chain.

Microsoft Business Solutions for Supply Chain Management...
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