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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Montessori is not simply a method of teaching children to read; it is a philosophy of life! Montessori Method for education is fundamentally based on an educational approach towards a model of human development. By human development we mean the development psychology of a human being, that is, the innate quality of any human to learn through their experiences. Montessori’s education method called for free activity within a “prepared environment”, meaning an educational environment tailored to basic human characteristics and to the specific characteristics of children at different ages. Since the Montessori Method is so unlike other educational methods, it follows that the Montessori teacher is in fact not a teacher at all, Dr. Maria Montessori called her a DIRECTRESS. In her years of observations, Dr. Montessori used the word ‘DIRETTORESSA’ taken from the Italian word ‘DIRETTORE’ which when looking into the meaning of the word is less about telling people what to do but more about steering people in the right direction. According to Dr. Montessori a directress’ role is to be an ardent observer with the goal to intervene the least as the child develops. The directress creates an environment of calm, order and joy in the classroom and is there to help and encourage the children in all their efforts, allowing them to develop self-confidence and inner-discipline. With the younger students at each level, the teacher is more active, demonstrating the use of materials and presenting activities based on an assessment of child’s requirements. Knowing how to observe constructively and when and how much, to intervene, is one of the most important talents a directress acquires. A directress has to be very careful in praising a child. She should respond to a child’s enthusiastic approach of working at the same time she should praise the child in a way that it gets motivated through her interest rather than seeking her merit or approval. In short a directress should...
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